Alien: The Original Screenplay mini series


Cristiano Seixas was hired as writer by Dark Horse Comics to help revive the horror of the first Alien movie with Alien: The Original Screenplay, a new comic book series based on Dan O'Bannon's script for the 1979 movie.
In this five-part Comic Book mini series for Dark Horse, Cristiano Seixas, along with artist Guilherme Balbi and colorist Candice Han, adapted Dan O'Bannon's first take on the space horror classic.
More than 40 years after the world first learned that in space no one can hear you scream,
The adaptation of O'Bannon's screenplay comes courtesy of Cristiano Seixas and Guilherme Balbi and follows in the footsteps of Dark Horse's successful 2018 series, William Gibson's Alien 3, which adapted the original screenplay for David Fincher's third movie in the series, restoring material excised in the final version of the script.

Calango: Comic Book & Game


Calango tells a tale of a young girl doing her best to survive in a poor desert region of Brazil after the capitalism had its final breath everywhere else.
Survive a full day ends up becoming the priority.
Food and water are the scarcest good for all, piety and solidarity can lead to death.
So, how to be a child this world? Alone and helpless?
How to maintain a little bit of sweetness and humanity?
How not to fall into temptation to transform her own pet in food? And simply don't get carried away by basic animal instincts?
Although she is not aware addition, these are the challenges of protagonist of our history.
Calango is a Comic Book by Cristiano Seixas and DC Comics penciller Eduardo Pansica, it won the KOHQ, a Brazilian Award to adapt Comic Book properties to mobile Games.
The mobile games is about to be released by Flux Games and through the Unreal platform.

Exhibition: The dark side of a writer’s mind


It´s a photographic exhibition by Weber Padua that reveals the dark side of a screenwriter's mind
The conceptual project was created by Cristiano Seixas and also involved the talented hands of artistic makeup artist Paula Alencar, who was inspired by African paintings and an incidental score by ex-Virna Lisi Ronaldo Gino.
In an intense and visceral work, the talent, the boldness and the delivery of the professionals were key points to translate into 10 black and white photos the provocative mind of a screenwriter, throwing light about what is imagined, thought about, before writing what will be transformed into images by the hands of illustrators, comic book artists and animators. The exhibition is part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Casa dos Quadrinhos Art School.

Casa dos Quadrinhos: Technical School of Visual Arts


Cristiano co-founded the `House of Comics School` 20 years ago.
The school has major recognition in the field of Visual and Digital Arts all over Brazil.
From comic book art to animation, from sculpture to 3D printing, the school has more than 16 different courses in its curriculum and has launched the career of dozens of artists.
Cristiano is the CEO of the school today.

Casa dos Quadrinhos graduated hundreds of art students, with alumni working in companies all over the world. From animation studios to game companies, alumni usually address the school as a fundamental part of their art foundation.
Cristiano is in charge of pointing to the school future, from new courses to new technologies for teachers and students to learn and use, also he helps develop graduating students with their final portfolios and their own IP projects.

Maeve: The Celtic Warrior


The period is approximately 500BC - 100AD. The Celtics were a great civilization and their trade among different civilizations at that time were intense. As well as their need to defend themselves not only from foreigners, but from the enemy within. They had great relationship with nature and the spiritual world. All that making this era a magical one. And among all the stories and characters, a woman was so important that became a Goddess for many. Get to know the story of Maeve. From a young warrior apprentice to a feared and respected queen all over the Ireland.
Cristiano Seixas developed a new approach on the wonderful Celtic world, along with artist Caio Majado for the Publisher Kevin Corcoran. The first issue is being released this spring.

Steam Runnerz: RPG & Comics


InteSteam, The Strange City is a Transhumanist Steampunk Odyssey carefully developed by Newton Nitro and Cristiano Seixas.
This is a dangerous city, where, in the present year 1899, twelve million inhabitants are squeezed, of which a large portion is composed of transhumans; etheric, insectectans, steamborgues, technomages, and other species generated by the mysterious Emerald Event, exactly one hundred and ten years ago.
Groups of mercenaries, vigilantes and criminals from InteSteam are composed of all types of individuals; human or transhuman, veteran soldiers, urban warriors trained in the illegal arenas of the immense slums of the Strange City, specialists in vaportechnology or biotechnology, thieves and rascals, certified technomagicians or witch doctors, illegal wizards and shamans, private investigators or expelled DPI investigators, the Department InteSteam Police. Steambots, insects, etheroids or other types of xenoids that have gained independence from their masters, most from the society base of the largest city in the Ether Era.
Because InteSteam is a city where, to survive, you need imagination and a gun in your hand, or incorporated into your transhuman body.
Steam Runnerz had a small run of indie comic books years ago, as well as a short Fast Rules book. Now is being totally re-written and will be released as a Role Playing Game book, an Art Book and a Comic Book special edition.