Cristiano Seixas was hired as writer by Dark Horse Comics to help revive the horror of the first Alien movie with Alien: The Original Screenplay, a new comic book series based on Dan O’Bannon’s script for the 1979 movie.


Calango tells a tale of a young girl doing her best to survive in a poor desert region of Brazil after the capitalism had its final breath everywhere else. Survive a full day ends up becoming the priority.


It´s a photographic exhibition by Weber Padua that reveals the dark side of a screenwriter’s mind. The conceptual project was created by Cristiano Seixas and also involved the talented hands of artistic makeup artist Paula Alencar, who was inspired by African paintings and an incidental score by ex-Virna Lisi Ronaldo Gino.





With great love and devotion for Visual Storytelling and the Animation and
Comic Book market, Cristiano was invited to speak at dozens conventions,
seminars, universities and schools in places like:

Toronto – Canada
Banff – Canada
Johannesburg – South Africa
Durban – South Africa
Cape Town – South Africa
São Paulo (Campus Party) – Brazil
Rio de Janeiro (Rio Content Market) – Brazil
Niterói – Brazil
Belo Horizonte – Brazil

Among other topics, Cristiano has spoken, and helped professionals, about:

. What Transmedia really is and how your ideas can be part of it?
. Story World: how to create an ever growing universe.
. Visual Storytelling for Comics, Animation and Games.
. Writing Scripts: from Comics to Animation and back.
. Unlock you Creativity in Any Field.

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Cristiano Seixas is the co-founder of Casa dos Quadrinhos School of Visual Arts Brasil, one of the most respected Comic Book art schools in South America. With “Alien: The First Screenplay” he became the first Brazilian to write a comic book script for a Hollywood franchise.

He has been creating and drawing comic books since 1988, but it was when he graduated from the School of Fine Arts in São Paulo, and started as inbetweener in animation circa 95, that he really started to devote himself to comics, illustration and animation.

In 97 he set up Big Jack Studios, with a team of comic book artists and animators from Minas Gerais, in 98 he began traveling worldwide to conventions and representing their art work. He moved to San Francisco/California to earn his Master in Animation, between 2006 and 2008. In 2009 returns to Brazil and joins a Californian game studio, forming the Ghost Jack Entertainment.

Nowadays he is the creative director of Ghost Jack, while running his Comic Book projects, like Brazilian desert survival drama Calango, with DC Comics penciler Eduardo Pansica, Nuna Universe, with Brazil´s top character sculptor Eddie Vieira, mercenaries action-comedy Fahrenheit 100 Degrees with KISS artist Rodney Buchemi and Steam Runnerz, with RPG and Fantasy writer Newton Jr.

As a veteran in the Animation and Comic Book world, he has been in conventions and festivals all over Brazil and the world, as an artist an speaker, like US, Canada, France and South Africa.